About a designer


Loreta Gudelj double majored in Art History and Spanish language and literature. Born in a designer family with more than forty years of tradition in fashion, she has always been oriented towards fashion design and had a desire to combine all of her knowledge in collections with her authentic signature. Every collection shows a different inspiration and approach, yet has a very personal meaning. What matters the most is the story and the way it is been told.


Loré is meant to be a fable about beauty and uniqeness of Hispanic America with its vibrant colours, rustic textiles and rich heritage. We believe in tradition combined with modern cuts showing that a crossover can have amazing effects in textile design. Loré collections are limited piece designs using ethnic motives in a way as innovative as any contemporary pattern, creating creative and vivid textures.


With the ability to benefit the workers who manufacture the products, Loré offers an opportunity to positively impact lives, helping developing textiles and maintaining handmade tradition. 

Textiles and patterns

Weaving and embroidery have always presented a form of communication or symbolic storytelling. The colours, designs and patterns in traditional hispanic weaving and embroidering all carry a symbolic significance and have literally been woven into a community's heritage. Our mission is to narrate an inspiring story with every item which is unique and impossible to reproduce.


We are honoured to collaborate with Marina Marinski and Silvio Hrncir (Lapidarium) for special Loré jewellery collections, Ivna Maticec for the Loré shawl collections and Mateja Babic and Eleanor Grosch for textile patterns.